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Director Journal 1: Excited for the Work Ahead

                This might be the busiest I have ever been as an adult, so of course I am going to add directing a big musical to my life. When I found out that Decatur Underground Theater was doing SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical for the fall show my mind instantly started thinking of all these fun ideas.  I would then have to stop and remind myself I am working a full time job, getting my Masters Degree AND trying to be a good dad and husband.  Yet, the opportunity to stage such a fun show with antic cartoon energy was something I couldn’t resist.


SpongBob and Squidward in the Pizza Delivery Episode.
The Krusty Krab Pizza is the Pizza For You and Me!

SpongeBob is a show that is close to my heart because of the memories it brings up.  I was a bit too old to have watched it when I was growing up but my older daughter loved the show.  There were many episodes where she would crawl up on my lap and we would watch together, many of the times with me laughing more than her.  My younger child also got into SpongeBob and we would watch the show as a family.  Many times in the class I teach, we would make a music video of a popular song from the show for a project. These characters and world has been a big part of my life for over a decade and I am excited to bring it to life for the area.

                I couldn’t even fathom to do this without the help of so many people involved with Decatur Underground Theater.  Sandy who is my co-director and all around great person, Tim the tech guru, Crystal our printer and merchandise extraordinaire, Donna who will be busy making MANY props, Kimberly with the colorful costumes and the rest of the board including Teri, Mindy and Kimberly B who all do awesome work behind the scenes.

                I can't wait to start working on this musical for Decatur Underground Theater

Spongebob Musical Banner
Best Day Ever!

.  We have auditions this summer, rehearsals this fall and then the show will be onstage this November.  Our goal is to make the most fun experience you can have in Decatur both on stage and in the audience.  Stay tuned for many more blogs this year as I document the show coming together until the curtain opens.

Ryan Rinchiuso is the director of SpongeBob The Musical. He will be updating this blog throughout the show to give a behind-the-scenes look at the experience.

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