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DUT was borne out of a family with deep, strong roots in music performance. The founders have decades of experience in music performance, recording, and production. So, when the idea arose to step into theater (beginning with Jesus Christ Superstar - a longtime favorite of ours), the decision to focus solely on musicals was a natural one.


Decatur has a rich, long history of community theater. DUT's desire was to add to that history in a unique way - by focusing solely on staging high quality well-known Broadway musicals. It is our hope that, along with other local companies, the community theater scene in Decatur would continue to thrive for many more years.


In addition, by focusing on exclusively musicals, our philosophy is to focus on bringing local talent who have singing/vocal ability into the theater community (it's easier to teach singers to act, than to teach actors to sing... if they can't already do so). 


Lastly, it is our goal to provide Decatur and Central Illinois with even more options to enjoy high quality entertainment (awesome vocal performances) at affordable costs. 

We hope to see you at a DUT performance soon.


If you attend a DUT performance and enjoy please tell your friends about us - as well as encourage them to support all community theater in Decatur... they won't regret it!


DUT is... awesome musical theater!                                            

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