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Director's Journal 3: Krusty Krab Adventures

DUT actors and directors looking at their lines
Making sure we got our lines right.


When I was a kid and I had a bad day, my mom would always take me to get a fountain cherry coke at a local hamburger place.  Taking a drink from the cup with the red of the cherry syrup coming up from the straw always made my day better.  When we moved to Decatur, one of my first goals was to find a place that made good cherry cokes and I found the best one just down from my new school in Krekel’s.  With their great drinks, food and desserts I have been able to keep the tradition alive into the next generation and would take my kids for snacks there all the time after they were out of school for the day. 

Decatur Underground Theater using Krekels to make a SpongeBob Video
We are hard at work making our SpongeBob Audition video.

When I was thinking of some ideas for our audition video, a thing that kept popping in my head was to introduce everything in the “Krusty Krab” and the only Decatur institution that could double as Bikini Bottom’s most famous and popular burger joint was Krekels.  That is how I am standing next to the grill this Monday morning with a spatula in my hand about to cook a Krekel’s Krabby Patty on camera. 

Decatur Underground Theater Crew helping out on audition video.
Marisa happy to be a fry cook for the next few minutes.

With SpongeBob The Musical my goal is for everyone to have a great time.  The cartoon has been popular for over two decades because it mixes characters you love with a humor that is universal.  The musical has great music by well known artists both new and old.  We want to start that feeling of fun with this video and that is why I am with one of the choreographers grilling up this tasty looking burger.  I hope the video came across as something fun because I had a great time making it.  Being at the grill and drinking a cherry coke was a blast and one of the first good memories (which I am betting will be a lot) during the run-up to the show.  Watch the final version of the video to see all the fun we had and I hope to see you at auditions for the musical or in the crowd this November at the Decatur Civic Center. Thanks to Pam and Jason for letting us film when they were trying to open the restaurant. We hope we stayed out of your way.

Ryan Rinchiuso is directing the SpongeBob Musical with Sandra Revis. He will be updating this blog on how the show is proceeding throughout the time of the show. 

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