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Decatur is in for a treat...

Secret Garden - Decatur IL - special treat

By: Christian Jackson - Vocal Director + Dr. Neville Craven | The Secret Garden

Decatur has never experienced community theatre like Decatur Underground Theater's upcoming show - The Secret Garden The Musical. The music is incredible, the script tugs at your heartstrings, and the cast is phenomenal. What's not to love?

During Decatur Underground’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (I played Jacob), Sandra Revis, President and CEO of DUT, asked me if I would be interested in Music Directing the next show. “Probably, it just depends on how familiar I am with the show and how hard the music is, ” was my response.

Later, when our director, Brad, called me and told me we were doing The Secret Garden, I immediately agreed without even thinking about how difficult the music is and how large of a task I was signing up for. I knew I loved the music, I knew it was a production I had to be involved in, and I knew Decatur was in for a treat.

I teach music in Decatur Public Schools and serve as Worship Leader at Lampstand Church.

I do music all day... everyday.

I’m used to taking the music from the piece of paper, making it come out of students' mouths, and molding and shaping it into something my students are proud of. I was prepared to take the same approach with DUT’s production until I sat through auditions. The talent we saw come through the doors of the Civic Center for this musical was jaw-dropping.

All of our performers in The Secret Garden The Musical have community theatre backgrounds, and some cast members even have professional theatre experience. Our Mrs. Medlock is played by an English/Theatre teacher who works at some local schools and colleges and has professional theatre experience. Our Martha is played by an active professional singer and voice teacher.

On the other hand, we have a plethora of performers who are not currently working in music or theatre professionally. We have fourth graders, high schoolers, and all types of adults working in all sorts of areas. We have healthcare professionals, teachers, and scientists. And that doesn't include the talented people doing all sorts of things behind the scenes to pull this production together.

Our performers did not need me to teach them how to sing, or where to breathe, or how to be in a musical. They are dedicated, experienced, and talented individuals.

This will be one of the best community theatre productions Decatur has seen.

We have a cast like none other.

Don’t take my word for it, come and see The Secret Garden The Musical - March 24-26 & March 31-April 2 at the Decatur Civic Center.

Tickets are available HERE .

See you then!

Christian Jackson, Cast Member: The Secret Garden - Dr. Neville Craven

DUT is Decatur's Premier Musical Theater Company, bringing Awesome Musical Theater to Decatur, IL Since 2010.

copyright 2023 Decatur Underground Theater Corporation

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